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What is Meru Chikitsa?


Meru Chikitsa is actually a thousand-year-old, ancient ayurvedic treatment. Meru Chikitsa has derived its name from two words ‘Meru’ means ‘spine’ and ‘Chikitsa’ means ‘setting yourself right’. Meru Chikitsa primarily releases the tension around the spine which could result in misalignment and this is done by building a connection with the nervous system.

What Yoga does to your body and mind, Meru Chikitsa does, in a very subtle manner, to the electrical circuits, the flow of bodily fluids in your body. It works on your body’s alignment, the meridians, the electrical circuits in your body. Meru Chikitsa affects your spinal fluid, the nervous system, the bones, its structure, and its positions. It’s not only for people who are sick, even the healthy ones can experience Meru Chikitsa and feel better. Meru Chikitsa makes you feel better instantaneously.

How Meru Chikitsa works?

The nervous system uses the brain to send signals to all the different parts of the body and receives pain signals from the spine back to the brain. This has a major effect on how we experience different levels of pain. Our Meru Chikitsa practitioner focuses on affecting your spinal fluid and your nervous system which eventually results in affecting the bones, structure, and positions. Most of the health problems that we experience these days are due to the interference of nerves. Hence, Marma Therapy focuses on the tension that is created if the Nervous system malfunctions. This therapy also deals with problems associated with the spine and its structures but typically cures the root of the problem which helps to maintain good health.

What happens in a Meru Chikitsa session?

The human nervous system is designed in such a way that it can heal itself. With Meru Chikitsa treatment, at Dr. Radhika’s Wellness Center, we enhance the natural ability of your body and mind to automatically organize, regulate and heal itself. The system is always setting itself right and when Meru Chikitsa is applied, with light feather touches over the body, the awareness is enlivened. So, by this, Meru Chikitsa creates a pranic flow and heals the diseased condition.

The literal meaning of Meru Chikitsa is to ‘set things right with the use of the spine’. Meru Chikitsa is more of an art that penetrates our deepest nature, increases self-awareness, and eliminates stress, pain, and disease. meru Chikitsa takes time to deal with your body and its processes. It doesn’t offer a quick-fix solution but in fact, it gently nudges the body in the direction of self-healing. This Chikitsa helps in creating a balance between the vital energy forces of the body – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These energy forces regulate the physiological equilibrium of the body so that the entire system is revitalized.

Use of Meru Chikitsa

Meru Chikitsa optimizes a better way of your bodily functioning. Meru Chikitsa has helped people experience relief and resulted in improvements in the following areas:

  •      Low back pain
  •      Disc herniation
  •      Disc injuries, Sciatica
  •      Lung issues
  •      Difficulty in breathing
  •      Swallowing problems
  •      Fever, cough, cold
  •      Cerebral palsy
  •      Neck pain
  •      Cervical issue
  •      Muscle spasm and strains.
  •      Organ dysfunctions
  •      Blood Pressure
  •      Diabetes
  •      Thyroid
  •      Insomnia
  •      Depression
  •      Tension headaches, Migraines
  •      Facial palsy
  •      Gynecological problems
  •      PCOS, Cysts
  •      ADHD, Autism

Benefits and Advantages of Meru Chikitsa

  •      Feel more energized, inspired, and lively
  •      Experience less physical pain
  •      More tuned in to what their bodies want and need
  •      Have a healthier regime and active lifestyle
  •      More connected spiritually and with self
  •      Face challenges with increased optimism
  •      Less irritable and anxious about health conditions
  •      Overall improvement in health and well-being without side effect

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