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Does HOMEOPATHY act slowly?

The notion “Homoeopathy acts slowly?” or ” HOMEOPATHY takes long time to show results.” is baseless. In acute illnesses if remedy is selected accurately, its effect is almost magical. In chronic illnesses, time taken is relative to the duration of illness.

Can Homeopathic treatments be taken with other ongoing treatments?

Yes, there is no interaction of homeopathic medicines with other therapeutic treatments like Allopathic and Ayurvedic.

Does Homeopathy medicines contain steroids? Or do Homeopaths use steroids?

NO, we do not use steroids as homeopathic medicines are strong enough to produce results, so it is not required.

One more thing, we need to understand is what are steroids and what do they do? Steroids cannot help in all kind of illnesses. It helps when there is an inflammatory reaction in some dermatological condition and in some joint problems and in aches & pains. It’s a life-saving drug which is used by allopathic pharmacopeia.

Whenever Homeopathy produces results in shorter duration than expected, the doubt arises in the mind of patients and respected fellow members from other fraternity also say & support the belief that Homeopaths are using steroids.

Last but not the least, if there is any doubt you can always check homeopathic medicines with UV ABSORPTION METHOD in the government laboratory.

Can I take other medicines with my Homeopathy medicine?

Yes. If a patient is under homeopathic treatment and an emergency arises, warranting immediate attention, the patient can take other non-homeopathic medicines. Once the emergency condition is over, he can resume Homeopathic treatment after consulting his homeopathic physician.

Does Homeopathy medicine have any expiry date?

There are no expiry dates of Homeopathic medicines. But the medicated globules may be rejected when their white color changes. Freshly prepared Homeopathic medicines in alcohol have a strong smell which gradually diminishes with the passage of time. But some patients attribute it to be a diminution of their efficacy and do not like to continue those odorless medicines.

This is a wrong notion, because the quality of the medicine, existing in dynamic form, remains unaltered. However, it is advisable to store Homeopathic medicines in a dry, cool, covered place away from strong sunlight and strong smelling substances.

Can any illness, disease or ailment be cured by Homeopathy?

Like any other system of medicine, Homeopathy has its own limitations. By Homeopathy, any ailment-acute or chronic, local or general can be treated except the diseases where surgery is absolutely necessary. Furthermore, some so-called surgical diseases can also be treated by Homeopathy, like enlarged tonsils, nasal polyps, kidney stones, warts, piles, anal fissure/fistula, tumors of the uterus, ovary, breast, etc.

Does Homeopathic medicine have side effects?

Homeopathic medicines have no side effects. The term side effect of a medicine comes from modern pharmacology. These drugs are aimed at the certain area of the body, such as the cardiovascular system, the gut, the kidneys, etc. Though they have a primary area of action, they also affect other areas of the body. If these other effects are undesirable, they are known as adverse side effects.

Homeopathic medicines are not employed against any particular system or organ of the body. Rather, the Homeopathic remedy is chosen on the basis of the totality of symptoms of the patient and targets the patient as a whole.

Can pregnant females take Homeopathy medicines

Yes, they can take them as it is very safe even during pregnancy. You can verify this from the Department of AYUSH, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, and the Government of India.

Can a diabetic person take Homeopathy medicines containing sugar?

Yes, they can take as the amount of sugar in Homeopathic medicines is negligible. If necessary, medicines can be given in distilled water also.

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